Forgiveness, Is It For Today?

God Never Said That Forgiveness Would Be Easy, Why? Because We Are Human. But He Did Say It Was Necessary (Matthew 6:14-15), Because Without It, We Ourselves Cannot Be Forgiven. Is Forgiveness For Those That We Are Forgiving? No, It Is For Us The Forgiver. Unforgiveness Doesn’t Affect The Person We Are Holding; They Are Not The One’s Loosing Sleep, They Are Not The One’s That Are Full Of Anger, Hurt, And Bitterness, We Are.

God Never Intended For Us To Walk In Unforgiveness, Or To Even Know About It. But Unfortunately Because Of What Took Place In The Garden Of Eden, We Were Brought Into The Knowledge Of Good And Evil. Unforgiveness Is A Tool That Is Used By The Enemy To Keep Us Out Of God’s Perfect Will, Leaving Us In A Place That Can Keep Us Permanently Separated From The Father, And Eternally Connected To The Enemy.

So This Week, Let’s Choose Forgiveness, And Put The Enemy Under Our Feet!!!

God Bless!!!