Are We Loving…Or Are We Judging?

God Set In Motion The Course Of Our Lives, When His Son Died On The Cross…A New Covenant Was Established…And We Were Reunited With The Father. But Yet Out Of All That He Has Done…We Still Have Yet To Love….

The Greatest Gift God Gave Us Was Love…Which Was Given To Us Through The Death, Burial And Resurrection Of His Son; The Greatest Display Of Love There Ever Was. But Yet We As Humans, Still Choose To Walk In Love In A Way That Dishonors God.

Unconditional Love, Knows No Boundaries, It Doesn’t Keep Score Of Wrongs…Nor Does It Hold One In Bondage Because Of Their Shortcomings. No, Unconditional Love, LOVES IN SPITE OF!!!

So The Next Time We Want To Judge Someone, Stop And Think, Did Christ Love Me Or Judge Me On The Way To The Cross!!!

God Bless!!!