It Starts With A Thought

God Never Said Things Would Be Easy, But He Did Say That He Would Always Make A Way Of Escape. One Way Of Escape, Is Through Our Thought Pattern. Thoughts Come From Both God And The Enemy, And Both Have A Lasting Effect In Our Lives.

A Thought Can Change The Very Course Of Our Lives, And Pull Us Away From The Very Direction God Is Taking Us. Because A Thought That Is Meditated On, Will Eventually Turn Into An Action, And That Action Can Determine The Direction That We Go.

By Allowing The Holy Spirit To Change Our Mindset, We Are Allowing Him To Bring Our Mindset Into Perfectly Alignment With God’s Will. Because A Mind That Is Stayed On God, Is A Mind That Is In Perfect Peace!!!

Added Reading To Help You Stay Focused ( Provers 3:6, Matthew 6:33, John 3:33-36)

God Bless!!!