Let God Be Your Forever and Ever

Did you know that you’re part of the greatest love story that’s ever been written?

I wanted to send this devotional to you all for Valentine’s Day, but something held me back. I realized that though Valentine’s Day is a nice day of celebration and togetherness, like all other holidays we celebrate, this love story I am about to speak about is not one that is celebrated on just a specific day.

Are you ready? You don’t need to be married; you don’t need to have a boyfriend, friend, and/or significant other to feel like you can form part of the festivity I speak of. More importantly, if you’re single, you do not need to somber all day and night because you feel alone in this love story celebration.

The love story I would like to share with you is the love story that God created when He created us. The love story that has no expiration dates, that lasts longer than a day, the love story that surpasses any form or kind of human relationship. When God created us, He created more than human life. He put into form a love shaped in the biggest heart that could ever exist. God’s love story for us is the love story that existed before we existed and will exist for all eternity. God’s love story includes you and me. We are His love story. It is the most heart-warming feeling to know and to realize the depth of this in our lives. He loves all creation, but we are called his children, and His bride that He will one day come back for.

God’s love for us takes away all mandates and restrictions. We don’t have to be “this” or “that”; all we need to do is accept him, believe in him and we can live this very love story that never expires, every day of our lives. You can live it and experience it wholeheartedly. His love for you has always been active, since before you were in your mother’s womb. It is ready to be felt as soon as you open your heart to God and allow Him to be your forever and ever.

There’s no greater love story than the one we hold with God. There’s nothing that can separate you from His love and devotion towards you.

Verse: For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. -Psalm 139:13

Neivis Paulino – Founder at Galilee Life

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    1. May God bless you so much Debbie. To God be the glory! It is always a good reminder that we are never alone, even when we don’t have physical partners here on earth. God is always with us. There’s no embrace, hug, words of love more beautiful than the ones he whispers to us daily.

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