Inexhaustible Love


I’ve never known a love like this. Wise like a father should be, gentle and kind like mothers often are. Patient and a good leader like a brother should be, soft and silly like a little kid. Mighty, brave, and compassionate like a good king usually is. All of the things, He is. The perfect picture of love, encompassing all the right traits. That’s the God that loves you. That’s the Jesus that followed the grave when asked by His father for you to be free.

I just want you to know that you are loved. Not because of something that you’ve done, because you could never earn it. It’s good news but it’s not just for other people but it’s for you. It’s you and Him, Him and you.

For there is nothing that could ever separate us from His love. He’ll come after us. He’ll heal us. He’ll protect us. He’ll never leave. He’ll give us room and space to breathe. Room to grow, room to simply be alive.

Mariana Tabares – Community Manager at Galilee Life