Hearing You


There are so many noises that want to take up all the attention of our hearing. Many loud things competing for notice, with not much to say. I want to be able to recognize the voice of God when He speaks to me, to be able to say, “I am listening to You”.


We hear with our ears, and I found something quite interesting about them. “There are three components to the ear: the outer ear, the middle ear and the inner ear. All three are involved in hearing but only the inner ear is responsible for balance. *The inner has two functions (then); the first is hearing and the second is balance.” (Wedro & Shiel).

The inner ear is actually composed of three bones as well, which makes me think of Trinity and how perfectly that aligns with God, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost. They’re the very structure that we need to be able to hear the voices of our families, the barks of our dogs, the poetry read out loud, the wind-chimes welcoming people home, the bells that ring freedom, and the music we dance to. The three bones in the inner ear letting us experience life in all of its specified ways. Of course then there is balance, what you are taking in, what you are feeding your ears, is responsible for how well you can keep your head up, how well you can see in front of you. You see, “(The inner ear) helps monitor your head’s position in relation to movements, such as moving forward or backward in a vehicle or riding in an elevator, as well as gravity.” (Michigan Neurology Associates). We need the Three of them to be able to stand with our head up high looking at where we need to go. We need the Three of them to be able to recognize what is in the past behind us and what is in the future before us. We need the Three of them to be able to know our way home. We need the Three of them to hear the voice that is always speaking, guiding us on this voyage that we live through.

Let Them take up all the sound waves that surround you. Let Them be the uproar that moves you and the whisper that you let in. Let Them be the perfect structure that holds your head up. Let Them be what they’ve always wanted to be for you, your hearing and your balance.


“You’re not struggling to hear me, so I’m not striving to be heard. I am sure the One who made me, is catching every word. Let me hear the sound of Your voice and I’ll come running. There’s something in the sound of Your voice that speaks to every part of me. When I hear the sound of Your voice, I’m alive. I was made to love You, it’s all I really know for sure. All I am is wrapped up in You, the center of my world. And I was made to love You, from my beginning to my end and You’ll be my forever. Speak to me, I’m listening.”

Prayer taken from lyrics of “This Close” by Steffany Gretzinger, “Forever Amen” by Steffany Gretzinger and “Speak to Me” by Kari Jobe.

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Mariana Tabares – Community Manager at Galilee Life