“Let Your Dream Be Bigger Than Your Fears”

Hello Family,

It is so good to be able to reach out to you today. The title of my blog, says it all.

Everyday I wake up telling myself that I’m going to make this happen. I’m going to move forward, I’m going to let my dreams be more than just dreams, I’m going to be great. Some may say, “well someone here is optimistic, she must live a good life”. Well, the truth of the matter is, I can’t complain, God gave me a wonderful husband, and amazing children but most of all, I live in a God-fearing home. What’s a God-fearing home, well let’s say we will touch on that topic at a later time. It is very easy to tell yourself things will go well, I will get better (physically and emotionally), I will be great, I will accomplish my dreams. There are times that we wake up in such a positive mood that we feel nothing can overshadow our happiness. Unfortunately, for many of us, it is easy to be optimistic, and even easier to let the optimism die down and no longer believe the very things you decided to set out and accomplish. “Let your dreams be bigger than your fears”, is a such a true statement. What are fears, some may “simplify” it as the fear of heights, the fear of getting on an airplane, the fear of driving for the first time. If you noticed, I quoted simplify because these are not as simple as some may see it, from their angle. The truth of the matter is, that fear is not simple at all, in no way, shape or form. A dream does not have to be as big as becoming the richest woman or man alive. A dream can be passing a class, performing a specific task at work to the best of your abilities. A dream, is not comparable to someone else’s dream. A dream is something(s) you desire with all of your heart to do. If you wake up in the morning wishing you could do something (within your means, of course), then do it. If you want to learn how to drive, but are scared to actually get on the road, because of all of the accidents ect., you are letting fear dominate that part of your life. Overcoming fear is what drives a successful life. “Don’t be afraid to try something, be afraid not to try and die wanting to”. Don’t let the fear of something going wrong stop you from experiencing life. I’m spiritual and I love God, so I would put it as, don’t let fear stop you receiving the blessing God has ordained for your life. Keep moving, keep striving, keep going and don’t stop until you achieve it. Start with the smallest thing, like organizing your thoughts, which will then prompt you to organize your home (in context, a home- a dwelling place, your place, your domain). When you start not just believing that you can do something, but begin telling yourself that you will do it, welcome to taking the first steps to working on something great.  Do not stop there, begin taking actions that will lead to another action, that will lead to another action, that will eventually take you to that place you want to be, then you will hear some saying I feel and am accomplished. Those are wonderful thoughts, but what separates a dreamer from a doer, is that the dreamer may accomplish something, but once that one dream has been accomplished, they are right back to that stagnant place. A doer is a dreamer, but not just a dreamer of one dream, a dreamer of many dreams that get accomplished. You finished and accomplished one goal, one task, well what’s next on your plate to take on? It is important to keep striving and searching where and what else we can do to get us to that next level. There is always room for growth, but first allow that dream to become a reality. Do not allow discouragement and fear to take over. Take on life head on and face the good and the bad with not necessarily the best of attitudes all of the time, but with so much hope and faith that what you may not see at the very moment you are beginning to invest, will begin to flourish with more time, love and dedication.

As I’m sharing my thoughts, I am also taking it all in for myself. I know for me, it is so easy to allow fear(s) of something take a hold of what I have set to out to do. I know that plans may not also go as planned, and dreams may not get fulfilled, as you may have imagined them to, but you will never know what God has set out for you to do and what you can gain experience/enrichment from, until you try it. When thinking of a goal I would like to accomplish, I don’t just focus on the monetary value it brings. Not to say that everyone needs to think this exact way, but as for me, in order for something to drive me and fully motivate me, there has to be something more than just money. I’m saying this to say, that a lot of us may have set out to make our dreams a reality and because things may have not gone as planned, automatically, the thoughts, “I shouldn’t of done this”, “what was the point of all of this?” The truth of the matter is, though your dreams did not produce what you thought it should’ve or could’ve? Well if you hadn’t done it, you would’ve never known and the “what ifs”, would’ve haunted your brain. What was the point of all of this? Well, the point was to not only prove that you can go out there and try, but most importantly, getting out of your internal fears of remaining in conformity because in our minds, the risks of not just dreaming, but doing, are way too high. Lastly, some may say, “I should’ve stayed where I was, because I was happy.” If you were happy and in a place of fulfillment then you would’ve never thought of venturing out. This is not to say that all of the random thoughts that come to our minds are worth pursuing. As human beings, we were given high intellect abilities to discern and fully evaluate if a decision would be, not only good and appropriate for you, but for your family. We can continue to put things into perspective, but as we do that, we should also allow ourselves to do more, because we are capable of doing so much more.

Until Next Time Family! 

I hope this blog was a bit helpful. As it may help one, a few or a lot of people, it is also helping me in so many ways. 


As you grow, I grow and vice-versa.


2 Timothy 1:7

For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.