Never Alone

Hello Family,

Many times, many of us feel and have felt lost and set apart from the world we live in. Many of us, though with families and people around us that love us, still feel and have felt empty inside. We feel as if the world is not a place for us. There was a point in my life, where the lowest of the lowest moments began to creep in. I was able to hide behind a smile, a laughter and a loving and beautiful family, until one day came around where I no longer could smile, laugh and love with the same ease. Though surrounded by so many, I still felt alone. So how can one feel alone, when surrounded by so many? Easy, it is all SELF. I have come to the realization that loneliness is subjected to you, to me. “The mind is a powerful weapon”, many have said, and so it is. If one allows the mind to fully take over self, it can be completely detrimental. Finding the balance to be who you are, and to learn that contentment and joy come from within, is not an easy task, but believe me when I say, it is doable. I had to start believing in myself and telling myself that what was playing in my mind was not true. I was not alone. I have never been alone. Since the beginning of time, before my mother knew who I was, before I was brought into existence, the Lord God carried me. He knew me and knew who I would be. From the beginning of time, I was accepted by him, by the creator himself, by the one perfect being, by the most powerful being, creator of heaven and earth. I said to myself, if he who loved me before I was formed in my mother’s womb, and decided that I was worthy enough to live in this world, that saw my potential and sees my potential. He who I cannot see, but is present in my everyday walk, deems me important and worthy, than who am I to say otherwise. Who is anyone to say otherwise? Just as he loved and loves me, he loved and loves you. We are our worst critics and can easily drown ourselves in the deepest of seas. Many people reading this post today, do not know how to deal with the feeling of solitude and the feeling of wanting to escape from things one cannot fully explain. I’m writing this to you, from the new me, as I was once in that same place you are in. I was once the person feeling exactly like this. It is not too late to tell your mind that those thoughts and feelings of emptiness, are LIES. They are not true and whether you are physically surrounded by family or not, rest assured that GOD is not resting, just waiting for you to open up to him and see him for who he is. Waiting for you to deposit all of your trust in him, so that he can elevate you and take you out that dark place that your mind has taken you to. He wants to create a healthy balance in your life, so that you may fully enjoy all this world has to offer and prepare yourself for when he calls us all home. Our minds drive us to think that life in this world is permanent, it is not. There is a place that is full of perfection and love waiting for us. We are right at the tip of being with our creator, but some of us, are still stuck in that dark room, allowing those dark thoughts to take over. Please, don’t let it take over, work on self, develop a relationship with God, he is waiting for you. IF you feel alone, what better way to rekindle a relationship than to begin devoting your life to thinking in an upright position. This world will never be perfect, but when thoughts of solitude and visions of dark tunnels start creeping in, I encourage you to see beyond what you see and to allow God to take you by the hand. He sees beyond our imperfections and knows us more than we know ourselves. He won’t let you down, he never does, but he doesn’t force his entry, he seeks and yearns for you to make that firm decision to seek after him. “You ask, and you shall receive”, says the Lord. I asked him to take me out of that dark place, and guess what, he did. I am not perfect, and like everyone else, there are days, where we don’t always feel with the same energy and wonderful spirited attitude, but when God has been allowed to take dominion over your life, you can rest assured, that though you may be down for a while, you won’t be down for a lifetime, as long as you keep trusting in him.


The bible says:

“When they call to me, I will answer them; when they are in trouble, I will be with them.

Psalm 91:15



My love Letter to God:


I seek after you Lord. I yearn for your love each and everyday. I know I’m not perfect, but you see so much more than my imperfections. Thank you for being my guide, and for not rejecting me, even in the moments where I’ve rejected you. Thank you for extending your mercy and for allowing me to see beyond those dark moments. Thank you for turning a bad situation into one that was glorious. You allowed those dark moments to help shape me into the person I am today.


I hope this post was helpful to someone. Remember you are not alone.



Warmest Regards,