Hi Family,

Today we are going to talk about needing God vs. wanting God. I know that some of your initial reactions about the issues surrounding “wants” and “needs” may lead you to automatically think that “needing” God is the stronger choice, correct? For example, we need air to breathe and we need water to survive. Those are well-known facts. Another fact is that the Lord is the one who created the water and the air for humans. We need the Lord. That is also a fact. But, do you know that there are people on Earth who do not have a personal relationship with Christ, but recognize their need for Him? So, what makes a true follower of Christ different? The answer is: our want and our desire of God. I pray that this analysis will lead you to grow in your connection with God; I know that it helped me.

In the book of Psalm Chapter 63 verse 1 it says, “[…] earnestly I seek you […]”. Let’s break this down. When you seek something or someone, you are making the choice to run after them. You are making the choice to open that door and hope that they are. To reiterate on the above examples, we need the Lord to live. Period. He is the giver of life and many recognize it. We don’t choose to wake up in the morning; He wakes us up. However, we do have the choice to want Him beyond our need of Him. When you begin to actually want and desire God, you pray more, you read the Bible more, you want to speak about Him more, and, overall, you just want to deepen your relationship. There is so much more to God, so I invite you to begin to seek Him because once you do, your desire for Him will grow more profound and change your entire outlook on life. That is my prayer for you today.

Aidayvette Febles – Chief Content Editor at Galilee Life

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