Surrender to God…

Surrender to His purpose…surrender to His plans…Surrender!

Hi Family,

Today we are going to talk about TOTAL SURRENDER. When many people hear this word, they think of giving up or “losing”. Their automatic response might be: “Me? Surrender? I think NOT!” However, that is not what we are speaking about. God is not our opponent; He is our creator and our defender! In this context, to surrender means to submit to God, fully. In spirit and in truth. When we surrender to God, we are giving up our plans to accept His, for His are much greater. We are losing ourselves (our fleshly desires, emotion-driven choices, etc.) to gain Him and walk in His purpose for our lives. Will you surrender?

Proverbs 19:21 ESV says, “Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand.” Did you catch that? There is no way around it. Each day of our lives is written. People might find this to be controversial and say, “Well, then, do I really have any choice? Do I dictate how I live my life?” The answer is: yes. You decide if you will allow yourself to be guided by the Holy Spirit and fulfill your God-given mission on this Earth. You decide if you want to wrestle with God’s plans and insistently push to make your own. You decide if you want to surrender fully to the Lord and tell Him, “Do with me as you please. Direct me. You know best.”

I invite you to surrender your heart, your mind, and your spirit to the Lord. I declare that once you take this step of submission, you will live a life of peace, in the name of Jesus. Surrender.

– Aidayvette Febles – Chief Content Editor at Galilee Life

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