Finding You

photo of man sitting on a cave


Even here, He must be here. If He is everywhere and knows every single thought that limits me or propels me forward then surely in this very moment He must be. If He knows my coming and my going, when I sit, when I rise, then He isn’t surprised by the mountain in front of me or the valley underneath. Now I am confident, here He must be. Present always, never far away. Solid like a rock, not fleeting like the sand. Here, here, here, with me.

My Hope

So I hope we see you, God. That we don’t accidentally run past you. Sincerely hoping nothing can ever capture our attention like you. That the words that we say become the sweetest sound in your ears. That our life paints you a picture with your favorite colors. That we remember you are a Father awaiting to love us, a lover awaiting to show us your love, and a friend that sees us and knows us and loves every version.

The Truth

“I would fight for your attention but your eyes are fixed on me. I would reach for your affection but you’ve already given it to me. When you’re this close, I can let go (of all the things that keep me away from you).” -Steffany Gretzinger

“Give thanks to the Lord for he is good, Because His faithful love endures forever.” – 1 Chronicles 16:34. May His faithful love keep finding you and may you keep finding it too, all the days of your life.

Mariana Tabares – Community Manager at Galilee Life