God’s Promises

Gods promises for our lives are never stolen or ripped away from us. The promises from the Lord are ours to keep. They are not lies, they are truth and just like God was there for Sarah and Abraham at their elderly age with no delay, and how the promise he had over their lives was right on time, so is Lord with us in our time. Don’t allow your hard path in life to change your heart. 

Many times I recall asking God to harden my heart. I wanted to be less of a softie as I felt that my heart kept me in trouble. I believed and gave chances to people that I shouldn’t have given it to. I allowed myself to be vulnerable with others in a way that brought destruction over my life. I wanted God to change me, to make me mean, to harden my ways. I wanted to give up on people and in many ways I did, but one way or another my heart would win over and over, and time and time again. One day I decided to stop fighting it and I asked God to help me love me for who I was, regardless of who did what around me. I realized that God made a promise over my life that he would use my heart, my actions, and my intentions to help and minister to others in a special way. In a way that only I could because of who God created me to be.

Today I am happy that God didn’t answer my prayer. I am still waiting for God to answer prayers for many areas of my life, but I thank him everyday for who he has created me to be for his glory. I declare in the name of Jesus that his promises over my life will come to be, my miracles will come to life, and his manifestation over my life will reign over my doubts and fears. I pray the same for you.

The enemy is not stronger than God and he uses our most weakest of moments to instill fear, anger and desperation. Those moments are dangerous when we decide to exclude God and forget his power over our lives. I always try to remember that the enemy tries to use my weak points to destroy me and keep me away from God because that is the only entry he feels he can use. The devil is a liar and he uses tricks because he knows that otherwise nothing about him would seem appealing and in any way shape or form, attractive. Many are taking their lives for this very reason. The enemy uses their weak moments, their mistakes and situations to make them feel that they are alone and that no one loves them enough to save them. We may not see God with our human eyes, but try with your heart and you will see that he is there and when we call on him He will come running. The enemy is scared about the supernatural purpose that God has for our lives. The enemy knows that God’s word is real in us, and that the impossibilities in this world become possibilities in Jesus. 

I declare a new level of vision over your lives so that your eyes are kept on God no matter the difficulties and what the enemy may throw your way. I write this as I too am going through a difficult moment, but I also know that “this too shall pass.”

God keeps his promises. He’s a promise keeper and he has wonderful things planned for each and everyone of us. There is not one person in this world that God does not want to bless and has promises designed just for them. You are no exception and neither am I.

Never stop praying. Never stop asking God for the things that you want and need. God doesn’t forget and if they are in his plans for you, nothing will happen until that promise is fulfilled.

God is faithful to answer ALL our prayers! He’s a promise keeper! “The Lord is faithful to ALL His promises and loving toward ALL He has made.” –Psalm 145:13

“Now I am about to go the way of all the earth. You know with all your heart and soul that not one of all the good promises the Lord your God gave you has failed. Every promise has been fulfilled; not one has failed.” –Joshua 23:14

God Bless You! I Love You.

Contributing Writer, Neivis Paulino

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2 Replies to “God’s Promises”

  1. I don’t always take the time to read the devotional as regularly as I should, but today I took the time and I know it was God leading me to read it. It was like I was reading a story about myself and circumstances I am currently in and struggling to understand how to cope with. So, thank you, thank you for sharing and reminding me, that although I am not perfect, the qualities God gave me, and ones I want to change, being kind, we’re given to me for a purpose by Him.

    1. Hi Mindy! So happy this helped. It is a struggle but we were perfectly made by our creator and our hearts were delicately designed this way for a very good reason. We may not see it right away, but in time God will reveal. In the meantime, we love, allow ourselves to be loved by others, and always remember that only God is perfect.

      God bless you!

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