Always With Me, I Am Never Without You.


2020 has been a year that left a lot of us breathless and with many questions about where we are standing and what the future looks like. He is the hope of our lungs, and He is giving us our breath back. Today, I want to remind that you are loved by a God that gives you the breath you breathe, that knows when you get up and sit down, loved by a God who took the time to count all the hairs that you have on your head. He is devoted to you, to your growth, to your thoughts, and your dreams that He planted in you anyway. He is for you. My hope for you is that you would believe the inexhaustible love that is always awaiting you. I wanted to share with you an encounter with the love of God that I had and how he gave me everything I would need, even before I knew I would need it during this year.


At the end of last year (2019) during my daily talks with God, He said to me, “Mariana, I am the God of Wednesdays”. For a while, I did not understand what He meant by that. In retrospect, now I know that when questions arise, He already has the answer ready for me. As I pondered on, I realized what He was wanting to tell me. Friends, 2020 started on a Wednesday. Hump day, not quite the beginning, not quite the end, just simply the awkward middle ground. His promise as the God of Wednesdays was clear to me then. The space in between things, what feels like empty space, the days that feel like they can’t go by fast enough, that is where He is. Those moments are the moments where He can be found hanging out in. He is a God that gets down to cry with us when we cry, a God that laughs with us when we are filled with joy, a God that will be a father, a mother and a friend. Holding us as everything started closing, holding us as we learned to always wear a mask, holding us as we heard of the cases going up or down, simply that, holding us. A present God that doesn’t miss a single moment. The God of Wednesdays gave me the words that I would need to hang on to as I welcomed the new year, not knowing what would be ahead of me. These are the same words that He is giving you today for whatever the future holds. A promise of His faithfulness and love, to cover and uplift you because He knows you, and He chooses you for the rest of your days and evermore.

The Never Ending Promise

Covid 19 shook everything but I want you to know this- that you are being held by hands that love you. Hands that are walking the road with you, taking risk with you, sitting in silent moments with you. Hands that never leave your side and hands that you will always have to hold on to when you need them. God’s hands forever holding yours, not because He has to but because He wants to. I’ll say that again, because He wants to hold your hands in His, you are the one He loves and rejoices over.

“For I, Yahweh your God, hold your right hand and say to you: Do not fear, I will help you.”

-Isaiah 41:13


You were there for Abraham, there for Isaac, there for Esther and for David. Let me see You light the way for me too. You are my God, the One in who I rely on because Your love has changed everything. It has opened my eyes to see You clearly, to know You are with the ones You love, not because You have to be but because You want to be. Let Your love take a hold of me, deeper than anything else has ever had a hold of me so that I can live a life knowing You are with me. Knowing that fear doesn’t have enough room when it arrives because Your love is already occupying every single piece of me. Please cover everything with You, the plans that governments are making, the hospitals, the ones affected, the ones who lost a loved one, the ones who lost their own lives. With You there is not one single part of our story that goes wasted. Thank You for being the strength, the bright morning star, and a witness to our lives and everything that happens in it. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Mariana TabaresCommunity Manager at Galilee Life

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