Our LORD is Supernatural!

Our Lord is supernatural…
Yup, I said it. We serve a SUPERNATURAL God! Can I get an amen?

Today, we are going to talk about the God we serve: a God who moves by the works of His supernatural power! There are many people who claim to be Christians, but yet have not encountered this distinguishable characteristic which makes God the Elohim we cannot and should not deny in this life.

One of the meanings of the word supernatural, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, is something that “departs from what is usual or normal so as to appear to transcend the laws of nature”. I don’t know about you, but I believe in the only one and true God who transcended the norm of how things come into existence by both His marvelous works and His unexplainable essence. His marvelous works began from when He commanded the Earth to gain form by a simple phrase “Let there be light”. Scientists are still fighting to grapple this truth because nothing on this Earth ever forms out of nothingness. Yet, the supernatural God we serve just needed to utter those four words and…boom! There was light. To take this even further, Elohim’s unexplainable essence is best described in two words: Alpha and Omega. Alpha means beginning and Omega means end. The Lord we serve is eternal. He was not created for He is the creator of all!

With this thought in mind, I declare that each of us, as believers of our supernatural God, will begin to walk in supernatural faith. Faith that He can change your circumstances in the blink of an eye, even when doubt overwhelms you. Faith that He has chosen you for a greater purpose, even when you feel like you are losing yourself. Faith that this world is temporary, but that He awaits for you to spend eternity with Him.

Now let me ask you: do you truly believe in our supernatural God?

Aidayvette Febles – Chief Content Editor at Galilee Life

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