Love = Obedience


Did you know that, according to the Word, love is equivalent to obedience?
Are we truly loving God? Take a moment…

Hi Family,

Today’s devotional might make you go far in thought, but it is very necessary to have this honest conversation with yourself to further strengthen your relationship with God. Ask yourself, “Am I truly loving God?” Without a doubt, many of us (I know I did) quickly react and say: “But, of course. I love God with all of me. That is not even a question.” That is a beautiful thought and God sees the heart and intention. However, each day that passes by we need to work on ourselves more and work on loving Him the way He deserves to be loved because He unconditionally loves us without us deserving anything, at all. So, if I add an ingredient to this and I were to say: “What if I told you that the equivalence of love is obedience? That if you say you truly love God, you should be obeying Him, no questions asked?” There you would pause, right? That’s okay. Don’t feel bad. We are in this together.

Love = obedience. Let’s work on obeying God together so that we can learn to love Him more profoundly.

John 14:23 says, “Jesus replied, ‘Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching. My Father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home with them’.” Basically Jesus is telling us that we can say we love Him all that we want, but if we are not willing to follow His instruction, not open to Him molding us, and not accepting His correction, then that is not love, at all. That is a mediocre and superficial declaration of something that does not live inside of us. That is not what the Lord wants us to experience in a relationship with Him. He wants us to love Him, fully. Even with our imperfections. You know why? Because He loved us first. Ask yourself the question again, be transparent with the Lord, and begin to obey Him and grow in your love for Him. You will never be the same.

– Aidayvette Febles – Chief Content Editor at Galilee Life

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