Wisdom Equals Controlling Our Tongues

All of us can recall more than a few instances in life where we should’ve kept our mouths shut for just a little bit longer than we did.

One of the sure signs that we’re growing in our relationship with Christ is how well we can hold our tongues when the temptation to speak seems overwhelming.

We’ve all been faced with the temptation to speak ill of someone we’re not particularly fond of on any given day and failed horribly.

Everyone reading this has, at some point, debated someone in discussion determined to be heard and declared right on topic instead of listening and later regretting our overzealous passion for winning an argument.

In both the above examples, how much more wise would it have been in both cases to control our tongues first, keep quiet, and possibly react later?

One of the most significant signs of our self-control, wisdom, and love for Christ is our ability to control our tongues. There are very few more challenging things a Christian will ever face.

If we pray to be wise and continually growing in the Lord, the control of one’s tongue is an essential part of representing Christ and His Kingdom. May all of us continuously mature into well-disciplined children of the Lord and bring glory to His name.

Proverbs 10:19 Sin is not ended by multiplying words, but the prudent hold their tongues. (NIV)

– Contributing Author © John Kevitz

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