Meet Lidia, Creator behind Mrs. V Creations

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We recently had the privilege to chat with Lidia, the creator and maker behind Mrs. V Creations! It was so fun learning more about her and her business, and being able to chat with her online as well! You can also check out her video interview here!

Be sure to check her out on Instagram @mrsvcreations91 and Facebook @mrsvcreations

Lidia wearing a pair of her earrings.

1. Can you introduce yourself to us, and tell us a little about you?

My name is Lidia I’m 28 years old I’m a mom to 3 kids, 6 year old girl ,4 year old boy and 18 month girl I’m a wife and by just saying that you can already tell my life is really busy but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

2. What niche/craft/etc do you do? How long have you been doing it?

I’m a jewellery designer at the moment all my creations are earrings but won’t be for long. I have been doing this for exactly 2 years now.

3. What inspired you to become a small business owner?

Love this question, my kids inspired me when I had my first child I got into knitting and I would make blankets and slippers for babies she inspired me to want to make cute things once her first birthday came i would make every decoration from scratch even her piñata and when my second child came i got more inspired and decided I wanted to open my Etsy shop and sell knitted creations but once I opened I got so discouraged that I quit before it even had a chance to grow and I settled on not having a shop once my 3rd came i was so inspired and had a dream that making jewelry was gonna be my thing so I started making earrings and I said to myself it’s now or never I opened my Etsy shop and started creating and my biggest supporters are my 3 children who cheer me on every day.

4. If you look back to where you began when you started your business journey, what do you wish someone would have told you? Was there a secret you learned a long the way that you wish you new earlier? Or are you glad you learned the lesson when you did?

I wish someone told me it’s ok to have slow days I would get so disappointed when some of my creations wouldn’t get love even tho I loved what I had made, but not getting an instant reaction would get to me And I would want to quit because I would see others and their success.
I have learned that staying focused on my own journey will get me more closer to my goals And creating because I love to create stunning jewelry that will make you feel amazing, not just because I want to sell a product, no! I want you to feel at your highest potential when wearing one of my creations.

5. During your journey, have you had any failures, or wanted to give up? What made you keep trying?

Oh my goodness Yesss! I just threw myself in the water of business, not knowing anything except having the will to learn to swim and not drown and it didn’t help with having close people having a limitation of what I could do So yes there were a lot of moments where I wanted to give up. What kept me going was that I genuinely loved making earrings and seeing my children inspired by me there was no room for failure just because there are some bumps on the way doesn’t mean you should quit.

6. What unique perspective do you bring to your niche?

Personally to me being a busy mom and wife I can’t always be dressed the best or have full on makeup but when I wear a good pair of earrings doesn’t matter what I’m wearing I get stopped to be complemented and that feeling of being noticed by my confidence is amazing and I want my customers to have that same feeling.

7. Do you do this full time? If not what else do you do? Do you have any other hobbies that you pursue outside of your business?

I’m a full time stay at home mom now just because you see “stay at home mom “ doesn’t mean my life is easy and I get to relax no! Being a mom it’s a hard job trying to raise amazing tiny humans to be amazing adults one day is not an easy job it’s messy it’s overwhelming but oh my goddess it is so rewarding with so much love, like I said they are my inspiration they challenge me to be the best me. My hobbies are doing arts and crafts adventures with my kids and cooking and painting.

8. What is your favorite social media platform?

Instagram and Pinterest they have so many amazing creators.

9. What is one thing that you need to succeed in this business?

Love for what you create if your doing it just for the money you will be disappointed many times success doesn’t happen overnight be patient with yourself and the process.

10. What is your biggest accomplishment in your business so far?

1. The connections and friendships I’ve made along the way 2. The quality in my work, I’m always learning so I can always serve the best products

11. If you could tell your future self something, what would it be?

I’m so proud of you! You accomplished so much when so many said you couldn’t.

12. What is your most popular item that you sell? What has this taught you about yourself?

I have 2 that are my most popular “sorbet” pastel hoop earrings, and “diva” a large crystal glass stud with a large tortoise leaf earrings This has taught me that it doesn’t mater if your a super causal person or you like to stand out and make an impression because the moment you put your favourite earrings on the boss lady in you outshines and feeling and loving yourself is the most important thing.

13. What advice can you give to anyone that is thinking about joining the Galilee Life family?

The scariest part is starting once you do that first step you will be fine remember as long as you do what your passionate about everything will fall into place.

14. Lighting Round! Don’t think just answer:

* Beach or Snow? Beach *

Books: paper or audio? Paper

* Netflix or Cable? Netflix

* Tea or coffee? Coffee

* YouTube or Podcast? YouTube

* Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate

* Sweet or Salty? Both combined

* Favorite meal? Tacos

* Favorite Book? The May queen murders

*Favorite song? Ashes by Céline Dion

* Favorite quote? “If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything”

* Favorite Bible Verse? Psalm 23:4

16. Anything else you’d like to share??

Faith in your dream and goals will keep you going!

Top Seller: Diva

Hope you enjoyed learning about Lidia as much as we did. Be sure to check out her page, and tell her Galilee said hello!