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Art by Vone, owned by Yvonne is an amazing art gallery boutique featured on Galilee Life. We wanted to get to know the maker behind the art, Yvonne so we asked her some questions!

Can you introduce yourself to us, and tell us a little about you?
My name is Yvonne Carson. I’m a 63-year-old grandmother of 9 and raised 4
adult children from the time I was 15 years old; never married! I am a licensed minister and went to Oral Roberts University for 5 years where I earned 2 master degrees (Master of Divinity and Christian Counseling-Marriage and Family Therapy) from 2008 through 2013!

What niche/craft/etc do you do? How long have you been doing it?
I never had an actually hobby before. In my younger days I learned how to sew using patterns and when I became pregnant as a teenager I went to a school for pregnant teens and one of the teachers taught us basic crochet stitches and helped us make an outfit for our baby. I never really made anything after that time. One day I was walking the isle of 99 cents here in Nevada where I live, and I saw yarn and crochet hooks. I was very surprised to see those items in a 99 cent store. I proceeded to walk away, but a voice (the Holy Spirit) told be to buy it and see if I still remember how to crochet the basic stitches and so I did. I was surprised that I could recall the names of the stitches and could actually do them. I still had NO idea what or how to use those stitches. I tried working the stitches to get them even but failed; however, after about 3 days of persistence, I had it. So, in August of 2014, I started actually crocheting bags. I could see images in my mind and, I believe God helped me to do it. I keep seeing things and miraculously I was actually making real things like beanies, scarves,
ponchos, jewelry, and eventually crocheting dolls and learned how to start
reading patterns. I would share my projects/accomplishments of Facebook and people started asking me how much I charge and did I do craft shows and I would laugh and tell them that it’s just a hobby; I’m a beginner. They would say, “You’re work is not the work of a beginner!” I sold quite a few beanies, scarves and especially the dolls! Fast forward, I heard God speak to me and told me that I was an artist on my 60th birthday! I drew little things hear and there, nothing amazing! Lol…But something literally was imparted to me by God that very day, because my art took off! Without training or anything I was creating things I had never created and my
faces were starting to look really, really good! I am so passionate about drawing and creating because I feel I get to play with my heavenly Father and share HIS glory through the work of my hands whether it’s art, crochet, or writing!

What inspired you to become a small business owner?
Now that I’m older, I want to use the time I have left to do what I’m good at doing, sharing it with the world and bring glory to God. I am praying and hoping that I will become financially independent to be a better steward of my life and to be able to make financial contributions to agencies that matter to me and to God such as domestic violence shelters, sexual and physical abuse again women and children and seniors/elderly people. I want to leave a legacy for my family too!

If you look back to where you began when you started your business
journey, what do you wish someone would have told you? Was there a
secret you learned a long the way that you wish you new earlier? Or are
you glad you learned the lesson when you did?

I really wished that someone had told me to worker harder on myself than I do my business! I wished someone would have told me and showed me how my mindset and faulty belief systems were hindering me then maybe I would be further along the way. I wish I had learned that mindset is the problem, not money! I still know I haven’t made that switch yet because I am still struggling with deep seated issue from my past that keeps me self-sabotaging and perhaps even playing small. I often wonder if this is what’s keeping me from selling my art more often and consistently. I’m glad that I know this now, and I’m willing to work at it one negative belief at a time; Lord knows I have far too many than I care to admit. I’m just keeping it real
and being transparent, if it helps one person, it’s worth sharing it!

During your journey, have you had any failures, or wanted to give up?
What made you keep trying?

Oh my goodness, YES! Yesterday, I was and still thinking about closing my
Shopify store! I feel like quitting almost all the time because in my mind I don’t see the result. In my mind, no sales equals failure! When I feel as if I’m making zero impact in people’s life, I want to give-up and say what’s the point to keep doing things I’m doing and seeing zero result.
God does things very differently than we do things, and He gives me the grace to keep going because it’s HIS plan, will, and purpose for me, not mine! There’s something in me that just can’t seem to totally give up and just stop; I just can’t even when I feel like it.

What unique perspective do you bring to your niche?
I’m not sure that I bring a unique perspective to my niche. I just know as a
Believer and Follower of Jesus Christ, I co-create with HIM. I don’t know how to fully articulate how Holy Spirit, God’s Creative Spirit, works in and through me with respect to art and creating. I see images in the spirit and sometimes I just get a sensation to draw and just allowing myself to draw; I rarely ever plan out what I’m going to draw. It’s more of an intuitive process. I guess that’s pretty unique and unusual; I’m not sure. God
may deal with other artists the same way.

Do you do this full time? If not what else do you do? Do you have any
other hobbies that you pursue outside of your business?

I don’t have a job at this time and haven’t for a long time. I want to expand my art in various directions and I feel these ideas are straight from the throne room of God. I want to get back into sewing and a little crochet, knitting, and I want to learn how to make jewelry and faces using polymer clay someday soon!

What is your favorite social media platform?
You know, I’m not sure if I have any favorite social media platforms, but if I had to choose, I would have to say Pinterest is my most favorite place to go for inspiration.

What is one thing that you need to succeed in this business?
You definitely NEED to have the right mindset that believes in what God’s placed on the inside of you is good enough, more than good enough in fact! You have to learn how to believe in yourself without become prideful and taking all glory for yourself instead of giving the credit to God who give you the grace to succeed. You have got to do the work and not allow yourself to become distracted my social media and new and shiny objects! Just stay in your own lane, perfect your craft and always be a student who believes in life-long learning!

What is your biggest accomplishment in your business so far?
For me right now, getting those creative ideas onto paper or canvas and putting myself and my work out in the world even though the profits aren’t coming in YET! Not giving up when I feel discourage or frustrated.

If you could tell your future self something, what would it be?
Always stay connect to your power Source (GOD), pray and keep seeking HIS wisdom for EVERY aspect of your life. Serve other with your whole heart by sharing the precious gifts, talents, abilities, creativity you’ve been blessed with and you’ll never want for anything because you will be rewarded!

What is your most popular item that you sell? What has this taught you
about yourself?

I have to be honest here; I’m not doing a whole lot of selling my artwork. I have sold pieces here and there so I cannot say that I’ve got popular items that I’m selling at the moment! I pray this will change quickly! Lol

What advice can you give to anyone that is thinking about joining the
Galilee Life family?

I would say if you’re seeking a genuine community where the leaders of light and show or demonstrate genuine love and concern, then this is the community for you! If you’re looking to support like-minded, creative small business owners, this is the place to be; this is a NO drama zone! Lol

What made you become a vendor on Galilee Life? What stuck out to
you? How long have you been a vendor?

Being connected to like-minded people who share my Christian values and who actually live what they say that they believe! A community of people who are willing to help others and not compete against others!

Lighting Round! Don’t think just answer:

  • Beach or Snow? Beach
  • Books: paper or audio? Paper
  • Netflix or Cable? Netflix
  • Tea or coffee? Tea
  • YouTube or Podcast? YouTube
  • Chocolate or Vanilla? Vanilla
  • Sweet or Salty? Sweet
  • Favorite meal? None
  • Favorite Book? None (I love spiritual and personal development)
    *Favorite song? None (love gospel and inspiration songs)
  • Favorite quote? “Take what you have and use it to create what
    you want.”
  • Favorite Bible Verse? “No weapon formed against you shall prosper”

We hope you loved learning about Yvonne as much as we did! She is such a beautiful soul, with so much talent! For more information visit her shop, and also check out

God Bless!